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Easily print and apply power cable labels in the field

Case study

Shop for labels BMP41 label printer

A large grid operator needed reliable identification labels and printers to enable technicians to quickly recognise and code any cable in the field.

Challenge: Fast power network interventions

Power must flow. Of the many challenges grid operators face, keeping companies and homes powered 24/7 is without a doubt a very important one. Outages must be prevented, and if they do happen, power must be restored quickly after a cable or pipe was damaged, or malfunctioned.

Clearly labelled electrical cabinets and cables greatly support the speed and efficiency of time-sensitive interventions during the day and at night. Because of this, our customer needed a fast and flexible label printing solution. Above all, they needed reliable labels that stay attached and remain legible.

Solutions: Versatile and fast field labelling solution

Brady proposed the BMP41 Label Printer, B-342 sleeves, B-427 self-laminating vinyl labels and B-595 in- and outdoor yellow vinyl labels. Our customer also decided on the BMP71 Label Printer to print bigger sized labels and pre-slitted sleeves at the office.

The BMP41 Label Printer is an easy to use, rugged, portable printing solution that can create both die-cut and continuous labels up to 25 mm wide in the field. The printer automatically recognises label cartridges and auto-calibrates when a label or sleeve cartridge is inserted. This makes the BMP41 Label Printer a versatile and fast field labelling solution.

B-342 sleeves meet the requirements of SAE AS23053/5 (Class 1) for Insulation Sleeving and SAE AS-81531 for Marking of Electrical Insulating Materials. The cable sleeve stays attached indefinitely and offers good print legibility. The sleeves are highly reliable, and can be counted on during fast interventions. They are available for a wide variety of cable diameters, including 6, 12 and 18 mm. The grid operator uses black-on-yellow B-342 sleeve cartridges for the BMP41 Label Printer to maximise fast legibility.

B-427 self-laminating vinyl labels are also ideal for wire and cable identification. They offer good clarity, conform easily to the shape of a cable and they can resist water and oil. Our customer uses black-on-yellow B-427 label cartridges for the BMP41 Label Printer to identify already terminated cables.

The power grid operator also prints yellow B-595 vinyl labels with the BMP41 Label Printer, and in larger sizes with the BMP71 Label Printer to identify electrical cabinets on the outside. B-595 is a sturdy, all-round identification label with good outdoor resistance. The labels enable field technicians to quickly recognise the electrical cabinet that needs to be serviced.

grid operator BMP41

Results: Quickly recognise cabinets and cables

When a power outage does occur, the power grid operator is very well prepared to restore the flow of energy quickly. Reliable labels enable technicians in the field to deliver their best work fast, because they can easily recognise the cabinet or cable that needs servicing. When a cable or component is replaced, technicians can immediately add a new label with the BMP41 Label Printer to keep the entire network identified, and ready for efficient upgrades or maintenance.

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