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Identificazione di laboratorio

Le etichette per laboratori stampate, appositamente studiate per identificare i campioni,
aiutano a evitare la perdita campioni, con tutti i danni che ne derivano

Avoid sample loss by identifying every sample in your lab with professional laboratory labels from Brady. They are precise, reliable and efficient, just like you. On top of this, Brady labels can be easily designed and printed in the lab, will stay attached on every sample and remain legible throughout processing and in storage.

Reliable labels for every sample


A wide range of specialised labels is available to fit every sample in every laboratory application. Need to identify specimen tubes and store them at -196°C? Our labels won't break a sweat. Need slide identification throughout the staining process? Not a problem. Labels that stay attached on your straws, conicals, vials and other glassware? Look no further. Brady laboratory labels are precise, reliable and efficient. Just like you.

Available when needed

When printed with a Brady portable or benchtop printer, sample labels will not smudge or smear when exposed to typical laboratory chemicals. Thanks to crisp, quality prints, you will no longer lose time deciphering illegible handwriting. For every sample container, a legible and precise label that stays attached during processing can be available almost immediately when designed with Brady Workstation apps and printed with a compact Brady printer in your lab.

Sort samples by colour

The BradyJet J2000 Colour Label Printer can print any colour on reliable laboratory sample labels. By setting up a colour code, laboratory specialists will be able to recognise sample categories at a glance. With over 16 million colour variations, users may switch colour every day, or use a different colour per application, storage or urgency type depending on the needs of their laboratory. Next to colour, the BradyJet J2000 also offers 4800 dpi photo quality print to add highly legible data or barcodes a decent scanner could ever misread.


Fast setup

Brady specialists can support you to select the most efficient labels, apps, printers and scanners for your needs. Count on us to implement the solution in your laboratories, right up to sample identification automation that can be linked to LIMS and integrated in existing networks. Tech - and after sales support are available to keep sample identification solutions up to date and working at maximum efficiency.


Le indicazioni degli esperti per le tue esigenze di identificazione in laboratorio

Soluzioni complete per le tue esigenze di identificazione in laboratorio


I prodotti utilizzati per l’identificazione in laboratorio proposti da Brady sono studiati per laboratori che operano in ambiti quali biotecnologie, agricoltura, ambiente e medicina legale.

Trova etichette per laboratori

Collegata alla nostra BradyPrinter i7100, l’etichettatrice stampa e applica etichette su fiale/provette in pochi secondi permettendo ai tecnici di dedicare più tempo alle proprie mansioni principali.

Etichetta fiale/provette in pochi secondi

Esplora i benefici di ulteriori soluzioni di identificazione per laboratori